Metalink’s Newest Partner is OpenSea – OpenSea Officially Launches Their Metalink 🌊⛵️
Jake Udell
February 15th, 2022

NFT communities deserve a safe and secure place where they can connect and thrive.

We’re thrilled to announce the most important partnership since we created Metalink.

Metalink is proudly partnering with OpenSea, the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace, to do what we do best… provide secure channels of communication to NFT communities.

With this new partnership, owners of Metalink’s supported collections will be able to chat directly with OpenSea… To get support, offer feedback, and receive updates. ⚡️

“OpenSea will be partnering with Metalink as we seek to engage more deeply with the NFT ecosystem. Starting today, there will be a dedicated OpenSea server in the collection menu on Metalink.

Our goal is to create a direct channel for you to interact with OpenSea to get support, offer feedback, receive updates, and to share any other information that will help us better serve you. We will have dedicated community support staff from OpenSea spending a few hours a day in Metalink, all of whom will be marked as verified OpenSea staff [throughout the Metalink platform].”

-Stevey Tromberg, Head of Community at OpenSea, in a letter sent to the Metalink community this morning

It can be difficult to feel safe on other chat platforms without message requests, the ability to see who owns which NFTs, or seamless verification... So you may already have a sense of why today’s news is so significant — OpenSea joining Metalink is a testament to our work of providing a safer way to connect around NFTs.

Whereas OpenSea solved for NFT transactions in web3, Metalink aspires to solve for community. 💫

From Cryptopunks to Bored Apes to Cool Cats, and now OpenSea, the Great Migration is just beginning… As it accelerates, we’ll continue developing our platform to suit your needs.

NFTs are not our sixth biggest category… You are our one and only focus.

In order to ensure the smoothest rollout possible, we'll be opening access gradually starting with owners of our onboarded collections: Cryptopunks, Bored Apes, World of Women, Cool Cats, Doodles, Cyberkongz, Cryptoadz, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Coolman’s Universe. We will continue launching many more collections in the coming months.

The goal is for all Metalink users to have access to OpenSea as we continue to expand our work with Stevey and the team.

We are excited to bring this level of support to our community... as we provide OpenSea a new way to connect deeper with the NFT ecosystem they helped create.

See you in the Metalink 👾⚡️

P.S. We’re hiring engineers to join us on this journey! So if you’re a talented developer inspired by this mission, please get in touch.

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